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So yeah............

My mother fucking kicked me out!!!!

Shes a dumb crackwhore...

Well she got hers!!! Before i left i fucking broke her wedding invitation frame in half!!!
They called the cops??????? OK who the hell does that?? They also told me that im "mental" um ok!!

Parents should be shot in this point in time!!!!!!

They also acused me of being an alcholic?? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

AND the bitch wanted all the money i was making!!!!! FUCK that!!!!!!!!
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where you livin, baby?
crack kills
At my aunts!!!! but i can only shack up here for 3 and a half weeks!!! So after that in helen??
Oh I'm sorry :( Life seems to be rough for everyone at the moment
Thanks Jame.....Yeah it does seem to apear that way doesn't it.

Looking on the bright side we have MUTHA FUCKING WARPED TOUR to look forward to!
hopefully I will have money to go
WHA???? You don't have your ticket yet yo?? I can front you money yo....